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Today we announced that Experian CCM is now Cheetah Digital. I’m excited to share additional details with you about what you can expect as we embark on this exciting journey as a newly independent company.

The evolution of this company starts in 1999 as CheetahMail, bridging into Experian in 2004 as cross-channel marketing with The Marketing Suite and to today, where we emerge as Cheetah Digital – the only independent, cross-channel marketing solutions provider that is dedicated to marketers.

I can’t emphasize that statement enough – we are marketers at heart, and we truly care about serving marketers to the best of our abilities. We recognize that in an industry that offers more marketing technology solutions than ever, the path to creating customer value has become more complex.

Our singular focus is helping you to solve the challenges you face as a sophisticated marketer – both in engaging with your customers in a meaningful way, and in achieving the profitable outcomes your business demands.

On behalf of the entire Cheetah Digital team, I want to thank you for your support during this transition. We believe that we understand marketers better than anyone, because we are marketers, and we want to continue to learn from you –the best marketers in the world.

Thank you for inspiring us to be dedicated to you.

You can read about the details of this transformation in our recent press release.


Sameer Kazi – CEO

Cheetah Digital