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Event Privacy Notice

Every year Cheetah Digital hosts events for our clients, prospective clients and business partners (together, “Attendees”). These include in-person conferences like the Signals 2019 annual client meeting, as well as live (and recorded) webinars (collectively “Events”).


How we use the personal data we collect

If you register for one of our Events and are an existing client or prospective lead we will access your information in our relationship database(s) to provide you with information and services associated with the Event. We or our registration service provider will process this information to fulfill the order you have made to attend the Event.


If you are not already in our client database and you register for one of our Events, we will add your name, job title, company and business contact information to our database(s).


Cheetah Digital relies on a legitimate interest basis for collecting, storing and processing this information.


Speakers and exhibitors

If you are a speaker or exhibitor (“Presenter”) at one of our Events, we will collect information about you including your name, job title, company, and contact information, and photograph, and we may also collect information provided by event attendees who evaluated your performance as a Presenter. We may also make and store a recording of your voice and likeness in certain instances.


Communications and marketing

We will use your email address to send you electronic communications like registration confirmation, keynote speaker announcements, the Event agenda, logistic details, and so forth. Cheetah Digital relies on a legitimate interest basis for processing your contact information to send you Event-related information.


We keep a record of your participation in our Events as an Attendee or Presenter. This information may be used to provide you with information about our products and services, or those of our business partners and Event sponsors, or to tell you about our other Events and publications. We may also use details you provide to help us better understand your interests and preferences. This is to better tailor our Events and publications, and to ultimately improve our products and services. We do ask for your consent to send you promotional information unrelated to the Event.


Using our live conference app

When you register to attend Signals 2019 or another such conferences, you will have the option to download the “Cheetah Digital Event App”. The app will help you review the agenda and plan your schedule. Using the app, you will also be able to connect with other Attendees through LinkedIn and to chat with interested individuals. The app may require the device identifier associated with your device but does not collect or use any other personal data. You will be able to review app’s privacy notice through the app store and after you have downloaded the app.


Using our event badges

Exhibitors at our Events may wish to scan your badge so they can contact you with more information. Cheetah Digital provides badge scanning services to Presenters who request it.


By allowing a Presenter to scan your badge you are consenting to providing the Presenter with your contact information, and thereafter you may be contacted by the Presenter post-Event. If you do not wish the Presenter to contact you, please communicate this directly with the exhibitor at the event or thereafter.


Event recording and social media

Like any other live conference, some presentations may be professionally photographed and/or video recorded.  We also recognize that individuals will want to use their personal devices to take photos and videos, and to share them over their favorite social networks. We ask that you please respect the privacy of others, and to use your good judgement with any confidential or proprietary information that may be shared with you during the Event. In turn, if you do not wish to be photographed, recorded or contact for by anyone at the Event for whatever reason, please communicate this directly with that individual.


Information we share with third-parties

Events like this year’s Signals 2019 conference are sponsored and supported by vendors. Cheetah Digital shares the following personal information with these third-parties for the following reasons:


  • Registration and event servicing. We work with vendors to power Event sign-up and order processing. The registration form will collect your name, job title, company name, and business contact information. For catering purposes, we may ask you to provide us your meal preferences. For paid Events, Cheetah Digital does not directly collect or process payment information. We or our registration vendor may use a dedicated service provider to collect and process credit card information. Cheetah Digital does not have access to or receive payment transactional information. Our caterers may receive your name and meal preference information to help ensure such preferences and any special requests are met.

  • Sponsors and co-sponsors. We may share your job title and company name to understand the kinds of professionals attending our Events. Sharing your personal information with a sponsor allows you to receive the content for free. We do give attendees a choice not to receive marketing messages from the sponsor or from us.

  • Event app and mobile interactions. The app may access your mobile device identifier and/or Apple or Android advertising identifier. If you choose to engage other Attendees using the app’s chat or LinkedIn connect features, your interactions will be private to you and the other person(s).

  • Badge printing, scanning and tracking. We partner with vendors to measure live conference attendance, including booth visits and floor traffic. RFID badges collect onsite data that may be shared with our sponsors and co-sponsors. This is limited to your name, job title, and company name.

  • Photobooth. We may provide a photobooth for your enjoyment. If you choose to use the booth and wish to have your pictures sent to you, you will need to enter your email address. The vendor will not be contacting you otherwise.


Opt-out and other privacy rights

If you do not wish to have your information included in an Attendee list or to receive information from sponsors, co-sponsors and/or exhibitors, you can express your preferences when you register for events. You can opt-out of any unwanted promotional communications at any time. You may also contact Cheetah Digital directly at

To learn more about our privacy practices as they relate to our corporate websites and brand promotional activities, please see our corporate privacy notice, here