Planning Your Holiday Mobile Strategy

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While most of us are spending our summer relaxing and taking vacations, smart retailers are using this time to plan campaigns for the upcoming holiday season. Incorporating mobile into your cross-channel holiday campaign mix is a great way to get your brand one step closer to those revenue goals, and ensure you are maximizing your brand’s presence on one of the most personal, ubiquitous channels for consumers.

It’s no secret that most internet searches are performed on mobile devices. In fact, according to Google, more than half of all internet searches conducted in 2016 were done on mobile devices, and that number continues to grow. Additionally, younger consumers have expressed a desire to text rather than talk. The continued popularity of messaging has made SMS and MMS important vehicles for engaging young consumers. Now more than ever, mobile strategy is no longer a “nice to have,” but a necessity.

To help guide expectations for 2017 holiday potential, revenue from consumer online shopping in November and December of 2016 totaled $91.7 billion in the U.S., $28.4 billion of which came from mobile channels. That’s an astounding 31% of total online shopping revenue, and the direction is expected to continue north.

There is a wide array of mobile strategies that you can choose from, and the ideas below are all simple to implement with the help of the Cheetah Digital Marketing Suite:

Mobile Wallet Gift Cards:

  • Tap into the $1 billion languishing in unused gift cards by creating mobile wallet gift cards for your brand.
  • Utilize mobile wallet and geolocation targeting to remind customers they have money to spend when they are close to your store.
  • Encourage customers to use the mobile wallet sharing capability which allows them to share cards with others – a gift that keeps on giving.

SMS/Push alerts for transaction updates:

  • The holiday season is a prime time for high email volume, during which SMS/Push notifications can become an ally for financial updates, as mobile messages can be easier to find and review than emails.
  • Deliver an SMS or Push notification to let customers know when their available credit is low, when they have spent an amount higher than a pre-determined amount and to confirm completed transactions.
  • Many consumers want to keep a close eye on their spending during the holiday season. SMS/Push alerts take the stress out of tracking such finances by communicating this kind of information in a convenient, easy-to-access format.


Customers are browsing hundreds of stores online during the holiday season – conducting research across search engines, social media and various internet forums. When a customer visits your website, mobile site or app, you now have that browsing data on which products they viewed, items they may have added to their cart, the time they spent looking at specific product pages and which out-of-stock products they may have been interested in buying.

You can use this information to inform your Push, SMS and mobile wallet notifications. A blast message, for example, can have a bigger impact when it’s targeted and relevant to your customer’s actions. Consumers love to hear when a product is 25% off during the holidays. Imagine their delight and surprise if they received an SMS indicating their desired product – perhaps a red dress – was now back in stock, available in their size and 25% off if purchased that day. That’s a message more holiday shoppers will act on!

Lastly, remember that holiday shopping does not end on December 26th – and neither should your holiday campaigns. According to data from the Verizon Retail Index, last year, consumers continued buying after the holidays, with U.S. online retailers experiencing a 25% increase in site traffic on January 1, 2017 compared to January 1, 2016.

We hope these tips will help make your holiday mobile marketing strategies a success! For more information on how to use mobile to effectively engage your customers, contact us now.

Zoë Lefeuvre 

Senior Mobile Strategist – Cheetah Digital: Zoë Lefeuvre has over 14 years of sales and marketing experience, working with brands across verticals like retail, finance and media. Zoë specializes in the development of cross-channel marketing strategies, with an emphasis on mobile. Understanding the capabilities and importance mobile carries as a marketing channel, Zoë is credited for creating and evolving mobile strategies for some of the world’s largest retailers, global beauty conglomerates and major magazine publishers. Zoë is based in New York City with her husband and two dogs. She holds an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business and a B.A. from New York University.