Tips From the Experts: Cheetah Experiences — Exploring the Top 5 Programs of 2020

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First- and zero-party data are the foundation of truly great, truly personalized marketing campaigns. With the right strategy in place and the right technology, brands can connect with consumers in genuine and authentic ways. 

SVP of Global Experiences Nick Watson and Senior Director Product Marketing Nicholas Einstein join together to show you how to launch, grow, and optimize your zero-party data program using Cheetah Experiences. Join the session to learn why some of the world’s leading brands use Cheetah Experiences as their solution for data acquisition and activation and what makes their programs successful. You’ll also see some of the most valuable programs of the year, explore 85+ Experiences in the library, and see exactly what separates Cheetah Experiences from the pack. 


Nick Watson
SVP, Global Experiences Solutions, Cheetah Digital
Nick Watson

Nick Watson is SVP of Experiences at Cheetah Digital and has supported brands like Coca-Cola, Shell, Manchester City FC, Bauer Media and Reckitt Benckiser collect over 1.3 billion preference insights, purchase intentions and opt-ins from consumers to power truly personalised marketing. After many years at BBC Magazines and Tag: Worldwide, Nick joined Cheetah Digital to help create technology that made it easier for marketers to collect 'zero party-data' across all owned, earned and paid channels.

See Nick in "Tips From The Experts: Cheetah Experiences — Exploring The Top 5 Programs of 2020" now!

Nick Einstein
Sr Director, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital
Nick Einstein

Nick is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital where he evaluates new growth opportunities for the Customer Engagement Suite roadmap, presents thought leadership at industry events, and leads cross-functional teams for product launches and market announcements. Before joining Cheetah Digital, he served for five years as Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst at The Relevancy Group. Nick earned his BA from Kenyon College, MBA from The University of Washington, and lives in Seattle with his wife and three daughters.

Watch Nick in "Tips From The Experts: Cheetah Experiences — Exploring The Top 5 Programs of 2020" now!