&pizza: An Overnight Transformation

Created real-time, personalized offers at scale

Went from 60% in store sales to 100% digital

Stitch data lakes and partner data into Cheetah Digital

&pizza is a fun, walk-the-line pizza restaurant chain that had a 12-month plan to transform their business through data.

Enter COVID-19. What was slated for 12 months was accelerated and executed in a matter of days. That included a new menu, new SMS programs, and a new way of engaging their consumers using real-time data. They also allow customers to join their program simply and quickly by engaging the guest ‘on their terms, in their favorite channel’.

Darien Bates, Head of Technology at &pizza, explains how monthly registrations to their program doubled as a result of their new frictionless signup strategy, how better offer management processes drive increased revenue and why Cheetah Digital was the best partner for this transformation. Prepare to be inspired and start thinking about how to leverage the data you have available to create better consumer experiences that can provide a measurable lift in sales, even in the toughest of environments.

Restaurant marketers, we’ve built a full menu of content offerings just for you.


Darien Bates

Head of Technology, &pizza

Tim Glomb

VP of Content & Data, Cheetah Digital

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